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As Nisa Logistics, we are offering secure and on-time services all around the world with our long-time experience in the sector, and expert team. Flexible project management is our key feature.

Let us find the best solution for you based on your needs.

We would be delighted to work with you. Our expert team is always at your service.

About Us

Founded in 2017 under the umbrella of Nisa Global, Nisa Greenhouse extends over 50.000 sqm in the central Mersin. Our glass greenhouses are equipped with modern technology.

At Nisa Greenhouse, our basic principle is to collect, process and deliver to consumption the healthy, reliable and economical products that will respond to the needs and expectations of our customers. 
In collaboration with our team of experts, we carry out any process ranging from collection of products to processing, packing, packaging and shipment thanks to our capabilities, technological infrastructure and plant.

Expert Team

Quality System

Customer Satisfaction